Decal Info

So you have purchased a decal - now what? 

Below is a general guide on how to apply your new decal & a few tips on removal.


Clean your surface - The first thing you will want to do is make sure the surface that you are planning on applying the vinyl to is clean and dry. Clean your surface by using a small amount of rubbing alcohol (Isocol works well) or use warm soapy water. The smoother & cleaner your surface the easier it will be to transfer your vinyl onto.

Before you remove the backing of your decal, do a “dry test” and position it where you would like it to make sure it will fit & adhere well – once you start to stick your decal on, you can not reposition it - so take your time!

With your decal face side DOWN, rub design with a credit card or firm pressure with your fingers, this helps it adhere to the clear transfer sheet.

Slowly peel off the backing paper at an angle to reveal your decal – if any details lift up, simply put the backing back down and rub again – this is normal & allows the transfer to be released easily once positioned.

PRO TIP: Starting at the edge of the design, carefully position it onto your project and roll the decal onto your surface – this prevents air bubbles or wrinkles!

Once you have it in place, firmly press down and use your scraper/tool/hands to smooth out any bubbles.  When doing this, always make sure to start from the centre and work out towards the edges, this will press out any bubbles instead of pushing them in.  Once you have your vinyl securely adhered to your surface, take one corner of your transfer tape and slowly pull downwards at an angle.  Carefully, but firmly, run your scraper (credit card, etc.) over the vinyl once applied to get out any remaining bubbles and help secure it to the surface.

PRO TIP: Leave decal – with transfer sheet still on – for 24 hours, this helps the adhesive stick better.

DO NOT apply in cold weather as this makes the adhesive less sticky!

If in doubt, YouTube has 100’s of tutorials or feel free to contact me for advice

How to Remove:

Removing your decal on a warm day is recommended as the heat helps make the adhesive release easier- if you can leave your car, bottle or object out in the sun for a while this will make removing your decal much easier!

If not:

Heat your decal with a hair dryer until it is warm, not hot, but warm.

with your nail, a razor blade (take care not to cut yourself or scratch your surface!) or a similar thin surface, slide under the decal to lift the edge, then slowly peel your design off.

You can also use WD40 as this dissolves the solvent under the decal.

Once you have removed your decal, clean any residue with Rubbing Alcohol (Isocol works well) or Windex.

Please do your own research to ensure the surface you are cleaning is suitable for these methods of removal.




Use Baking Paper or Plain Printer Paper to ensure you do not touch any vinyl with your Iron

Always iron vinyl side down

Use Synthetic Setting and only iron very quickly

Cold Wash ONLY