Abundance/Money Spell Bag
Abundance/Money Spell Bag
Abundance/Money Spell Bag

Abundance/Money Spell Bag

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Made with intention & magick, our Spell Bags are crafted using magically charged herbs, crystals & items by our own personal energy to create a powerful Spell Bag to help ward off negativity in and around your space.

Wytchcraft Abundance Mojo Bags - for Abundance, Money, Joy, Confidence & Happiness

These Attractive Spell Pouches also known as Mojo bags, are handmade using intent & charged with powerful protective energies.

They draw energies of Joy, Happiness, Luck, Self-Confidence & Abundance to you & your surroundings.
Each bag contains home grown herbs, lovingly grown, harvested, dried, consecrated and charged, chosen for their magickal properties & a Quality Tumbled stone - Citrine & comes with a spell card

For best results, keep this spell bag in your purse, bedside drawer, under your pillow, car or office.

Place the bag out of sight, in a safe space your home that you feel is the best place for your spell bag to do its thing.

All are one of a kind and 100% organic

Love & Light x