Love Spell Candle
Love Spell Candle

Love Spell Candle

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♥  R E S T O C K   S O O N  ♥

 + Love, Acceptance & Self Love+

This made to order hand-made Soy Intention Candle is specially created using a blend of herbs that may help bring Love into your life. You may use this candle as a prayer candle, ritual candle, spell candle, aromatherapy candle or focus candle as YOU hold the magick and power to make it successful.

Using a special blend of herbs chosen to infuse each candle with properties associated with Love, Self Love, Love of others & love from others, these candles are topped with a cleansed, hand-picked, quality Rose Quartz crystal before being set off by a symbolic sprinkle of pink, making these unique intent candles not only smell amazing & look beautiful but also pack a super-charged punch.

Handed down from my mother, my knowledge and focus is poured into every candle as i create it. Each step in the process is imbued with positive energies and vibrations to ensure your candle is charged with the power to help bring your desires to fruition.

The fragrance in each candle is delicate, calming and pleasant. I create each candle to be gentle on the senses and not overpowering in scent as they are designed to be used in close proximity of you.

These candles are perfectly fine to be used as regular candles to create home fragrance and ambience but they are created with intention and energy that is to be used to create abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life so they will work better used for their intended application.

These candles make the perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one.

Each candle is topped with a generous amount of herbs and is infused with crystal chips throughout the entire candle, not just the top.

They sit beautifully in your hand to create a personal, energized experience.

Burn times vary as each candle is designed to have some ingredients/wax left to keep your spell alive.

Listing is for 1 (one) Candle. Each Candle comes in a sleek Black tin with lid - 8.7cm wide x 3.7cm high - weight approx 170g

Each candle is created using:
- Warm Vanilla Fragrance
- 100% natural eco-soy wax
- lead-free wicks
- homegrown herbs (Tasmania)
- hand-picked, quality, cleansed crystals
- and of course love, light and intention is poured into every candle

As each candle is hand-crafted, please allow me 2-3 working days to create and package your order.

♥ comes with spellcard & instructions

Each candle has safety instructions and warnings on the bottom, please be aware of your surroundings and do not leave a burning candle unattended.

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Love & Light