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Obsidian & Petrified Wood Tribal Necklace

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Ground yourself with the stabilizing earth energies that this stunning Obsidian and Petrified Wood Tribal necklace offers.

Surrounded by the highest quality polymer clay, this Tribal Pendant taps into the energies of the stones prominent in its design; Obsidian and Petrified wood, supported by richly coloured Garnet chips.

A perfect edition for those who do spiritual healing work on themselves or others, Obsidian is said to have strong metaphysical qualities which may protect the wearer from negativity and assist in breaking away from disharmony.

Obsidian is said to support the wearer in releasing negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, and resentment.

The grounding properties of Petrified Wood are a perfect accompaniment for this piece. Said to be particularly useful in stabilising emotions, this stone is excellent for energy workers. This is the stone of practicality and business success. It has been used in crystal healings of the bones, skin and hair. With its inherent link to the past, Petrified Wood is also the perfect stone to use in past life regression work.

Supporting the main stones on this OOAK Crystal Necklace are Garnet chips, known as the stone of regeneration, Garnet is said to energise the wearer and can revitalise your entire system.

Where there is chaos, both internal and external, Garnet is said to stabilise and bring about calm.

*** Please note all crystal information is presented as spiritual support to healing and not meant to be used as standalone healthcare or in place of prescriptions or medical care. ***

A beautiful addition for anyone wishing to express their ties to the earth, compliment their boho or hippie style or simply looking for a beautiful one of a kind design in a neutral colour palette.

Lovingly hand crafted from the highest quality polymer clay, in the sublime foothills of Tasmania’s Mount Roland, these Pagan Tribal pendants virtually create themselves. Tapping into the natural energies of Gaia, mother earth, that flow through the crisp Tasmanian air, choosing the stones to create these unique and eye-catching pieces comes intuitively as each stone is chosen by hand as i do not source my stones from online sources or bulk discounts.

Each pendant has a unique piece of Goddess energy and the sacred elements borne through art and should be treated as such.

This Tribal Necklace is 6.7cm long, 3cm wide and sits flat against the chest but is best worn on a longer necklace to sit lower on the chest or midrift.

It comes with a complementary 460m necklace.

Love & Light x