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Serpentine and Moonstone Pendant

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This gorgeous, one of a kind Serpentine, Carnelian and Moonstone Pendant is the perfect gift for the earth child in you, the barefoot hippie, chic boho lass or earth goddess!

This pendant is handmade and features a stunning serpentine gemstone, a carnelian and a gorgeous moonstone at the bottom. *Serpentine: Creativity, Manifestation, Psychic Abilities

Serpentine is said to be an excellent attraction and manifesting stone.

Helps you to find inner peace while meditating & connecting with your guides. Aids in healing on all levels mental, emotional, and physical. Allows the wearer to feel more control in their life while awakening creativity.

Chakras: Heart 

Zodiac: Gemini

Agate: Stability, Balance, Clarity

Agate is said to be a wonderfully protective, Agates are powerfully grounded, earthy healers.

They assist greatly in physical & spiritual growth. Their layers help you to unlock new levels of awareness in meditation, as well as strengthen your physical body. All Agates tend to be very grounding and protective.

Chakras: Varies by Color 

Zodiac: Gemini

*+* Please note that crystal meanings are presented as spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information *+*

*Moonstone: Intuition, Inspiration, Goddess Energy is said to bring calm through awareness.

Provides energy to sustain you through stages of growth. Wearing it provides protection while travelling and as a bringer of good fortune.

It eliminates all lies, presenting you with only truth. It softens and enhances your capability for giving and receiving, and supports your emotional life.

Moonstone is nurturing and harmonious.

Chakras: Sacral, Third Eye, Crown 

Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

OOAK design, One Of a Kind, unique and eye-catching! Comes with a complimentary 60cm necklace.

All of my tribal, earthy gemstone jewellery is handcrafted using the best quality polymer clay, chosen for it's strength and durability when used in jewellery applications, however, my tribal pendants are wearable art, so please treat them kindly.

Blessed Be )o(