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Smokey Quartz Pendulum with Rose Quartz Pentagram charm

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Handpicked Smokey Quartz Pendulum with Rose Quartz Pentagram charm to help balance your pendulum while dowsing or scrying.

- Smokey Quartz -

Smokey Quartz magnifies energy & encourages Clarity of thought and purpose .

It helps to establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance & makes the ultimate stone for Clairvoyance.

- Rose Quartz -

Rose Quartz is a stunning stone for self love & is a wonderful stone to aid in self-care and putting yourself first.

It is perfect to help strengthen relationships, both romantic & platonic as its vibrations have a calming, harmonious effect & encourages unconditional love.

Rose Quartz also has the qualities of The Quartz Family, amplifying energies & absorbing negativity.

Our pendulums are unlike any other as our pendulums have added crystal energy on the end of the pendulum chain, aiding in more powerful and accurate readings.
Each Pendulum is handpicked & chosen for its individual vibrations. As each pendulum has it's own beautiful unique markings and color, images are an example of the pendulum you will receive but may not be an exact match.