Smudge Spray - Sage & Lotus Flower

Smudge Spray - Sage & Lotus Flower

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Smudge Spray with Sage & Lotus to cleanse and purify your space while smelling beautiful at the same time!

Smudge Sprays are the perfect, quick way to smudge your space, yourself, your sacred space & even your car!

You can smudge everything! - just ask permission first :p

If your anything like me, you love sage for its magickal properties but cant stand the strong smell of smoke or how strong most sprays & fragrances have.

The pleasant blend of Sage & Lotus Flower leaves your senses invigorated and calm all at once! Its gentle floral notes balance out the strong fragrance of Sage and create a beautifully fragranced mist that dances along your senses & banishes any negativity.

Our smudge sprays are made in small batches with magickally charged gem water & essential oils to provide strong energy & help turn those negative energies into calm, positive vibes.

Each spray has charged Clear Quartz to help amplify the cleansing properties of Sage.

Directions for use:

Shake before use & spray into the air or over the objects to be cleansed.

not for internal use.

30ml bottle Glass Bottle

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