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Focus Candle - Seconds

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These Spell Candles are 'Seconds' -  please view our entire candle range before deciding on our seconds range <3 

Just as potent and charged with magick as their predecessors, these Focus Candles are sold as is due to their imperfect nature.

Filled with charged energies, special herbal, colour & crystal magick, the only thing wrong with these spell candles is they don't burn perfectly! 

Designed to be used as a Smudge during Spellwork & Meditation aswell as a focus point for concerntration during chanting & spells. 

Each Candle smells divine as the wax melts. The heat from the hot wax activates the oils within the herbs & releases the aromatic fragrance of the herbal blend creating a wonderful, connected experience while adding to the magick & cleansing your space.

Each Candle encompasses special herbal blends that correspond with each desire to maximise manifestation & success. 

Choose from:

Love - Rose Quartz & Pink colour magick

Protection - Amethyst & Silver colour magick 

Fertility/Growth - Carnelian/Moonstone & Green colour magick 

Fortune/Success - Tigers Eye/Rhodonite & Gold colour magick

Prosperity - Citrine & Purple colour magick

Created with crystals charged under the full moon & wild-crafted herbs. Some crystal sizes may vary. Remnants of candle may be kept in a safe place to continue its magick.

Our Soy Wax candles are very delicately scented with Vanilla.

approx 170g