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Viking Rune Goddess Pendant - Celtic Goddess

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Strength emanates from this Celtic Viking Rune Goddess Pendant. by her side, The Wunjo Rune symbolizes joy, while by her other side, Berkano, which symbolises strength, growth and renewal.

This Viking Goddess has been detailed with delicate white hair and golden accents.

Nestled in her hair is a silver pentagram to add to the protective qualities of this warrior goddess.

Each aspect of my Goddess Pendants are lovingly hand crafted from the highest quality polymer clay, in the sublime foothills of Tasmania’s Mount Roland. Tapping into the natural energies of Gaia, Mother Earth, that flow through the crisp Tasmanian air, these Pagan Goddess pendants virtually create themselves.

Each piece is a unique piece of the Goddess borne through art and should be treated as such.

The entire pendant has been coated in a crystal-clear sealant for added protection, and comes with a complimentary 60cm necklace.

This Rune Necklace is 8cm long, 4.5cm wide and sits flat against the chest, but best worn on a longer necklace to wear near the heart.

Love & Light x